The bezels of both replica watches are made of modern Ceramic material

From a distance, both watches have a silvery metallic tint, showing strength and sportiness. However, when you hold it in your hand, you will immediately notice the difference. The Daytona is smaller in size, but when held, it is much heavier than the Royal Oak Offshore. The reason for this comes from the material of the sports Replica Rolex watch case.

With replica Rolex, look at the last digit of the model number, if it's 9 then it's white gold. Each number from 0 to 9 shows different materials.

With replica Audemars Piguet, let's look at the two characters placed after the first dot. In this case, we have OO as steel. Similar to Rolex, each material will be denoted by a different letter.

White gold is of course more expensive than steel, due to its higher rarity. Besides, white gold also has great weight, compactness and oxidation resistance. In contrast, steel scores points for its hardness and impact resistance that are superior to gold.

Today, not many people wear high-end replica watches to sports, most of them are worn as decorative accessories. Therefore, collision resistance is not too important, so choosing a material is up to each person's decision.

The bezel is an essential detail on the replica watch, whose main task is to fix and protect the glass. By the way, I also need to talk about the glass of the Daytona and Royal Oak. Basically, modern watches use sapphire glass with high hardness and transparency. Hesalite glass is no longer used by anyone, as the material becomes opaque, opaque and discolored after a while.

The bezels of both replica watches are made of modern Ceramic material, which has low weight and high rigidity. Ceramic has a hardness close to diamond, thus minimizing small scratches during use. The black tone is also a common feature of both designs, helping to emphasize the robustness of the two models.